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Here you can enter the magical world of moss gardening as well as discover practical reasons why mosses are viable horticultural choices. Mountain Moss, located in Pisgah Forest, NC, offers a full range of eco-friendly moss products and services to provide year-round green pleasure while being kinder to our planet. As the nation’s leading experts, we offer consultation services and create innovative moss features for sustainable landscapes; moss lawns; and green roofs.

Through our online Moss Shop, you can choose from an exclusive selection of LIVE moss species. At our Mossery, we cultivate mosses appropriate for shade and sun exposures. Our rescue operations and community projects provide new options for demonstrating responsible stewardship in land-use planning and development. Go Green With Moss lectures and workshops emphasize our commitment to educational outreach.



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We invite you to peruse and find out more about these fascinating plants that have been “greening” Planet Earth for over 450 million years. The myriad of greens, textures and shapes will amaze you. The translucency of tiny verdant leaves and the contrasting colorful sporophytes provide outstanding appeal. Further, benefits of mosses to our environment will astound you. Visit our image gallery and projects page to get ideas for your own moss projects. Follow Mossin’ Annie’s blog where we welcome your comments. Share our YouTube videos with your friends. Please join our Go Green With Moss group on Facebook. If you would like to professionally connect, contact Annie Martin on Linked-In. Finally, if you’ve already caught moss fever, you’ll want your own copy of Mossin’ Annie’s book to keep as a handy reference. Preorder your autographed copy of The Magical World of Moss Gardening NOW! (Timber Press, August 2015) Head on over to our Moss Shop to select mosses for your projects. Contact us directly if you want schedule services or events.

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17 Responses to “Home”

  1. 1

    I saw some moss you put around a pond lined with stones and I thought it would work for me around a water feature I lined with granite stone. I don’t want to mow grass there cuz I have ferns, hostas and fountain grassin the back. Background comes in layers w roots or stonework holding it back. Front is flat so I can clean it and at times let the Ducks go in. Any suggestions?

  2. 2
    Polly Gibb

    Dear Annie,
    I live in the high desert climate of Denver. Being an old New England girl, I would be totally happy if mosses grew in my yard. Is this a reasonable dream? (I got inspired by your NYT article.)
    Thanks for your help, Polly

  3. 3

    You GO Girl ! The article was excellent. So happy you are in Transylvania County. I love all the moss on Chestnut Hill.!
    I would like to order 5 of your books. Good things happen to Good people ! RSVP to my email please.Thanks, Rosalie

  4. 4

    Help! Is there any fertilizer for moss that you might recommend for me?

  5. 5
    Zack Porter

    Excellent NYTimes article today about mossing: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/03/garden/gathering-moss.html

    Congratulations on your efforts.

  6. 6

    Hi, I live in South Texas and have very little experience with moss since not much of it grows here. However, I have been hoping to make an live indoor bath mat and am wondering what varieties would be suited for such a project? There is not a lot of natural light in the space, but it is the dampest place in our house.


  7. 7

    we are looking for a moss to take over our yard kill out all the grass and weeds. problem is we have a lot of kids running around and very little shade. What would be a good moss for this???

  8. 8

    MossinAnnie, I am was so excited to learn of your passion for moss. My girlfriend calls me her MyMainMossyMountainMan or
    MMMMM for short. I am in love with rocks and moss and am blessed with property covered already in numerous varieties, although I have never been interested before now trying to indentify all of them. Now you have my curiosity at a peak. I am developing an addition to my Japenese garden that will be moss covered, even the pathways. What is the besy way to get moss to grow over fresh dirt paths without having to transplant huge pieces of moss. Read your comments about using a blender and it’s apparent failures. Please advise. Do hope we can meet in the future. If you are ever near Andrews, NC, please call so we can meet. Will you be at the arburitum in Asheville any time soon? Don aka MMMMM

  9. 9

    Read the article about you, in the July issue of “our state” and was pleasantly surprised to see that I’m not the only human on this planet that appreciates moss. I know nothing about this organism, or should I say didn’t know, anything about moss accept that I’d love to have more, or all of the rest of my property covered in it. You’ve inspired me to learn what I need to know, to rid my property of grass, or may I say weeds. I must say, that now knowing I’m in love with a beyond ancient organism is truly awe inspiring.
    I undoubtably will be contacting you to purchase mosses that will survive all day direct sunlight. I noticed that you didn’t answer the blogger that asked about a sod type purchase. So I’m assuming that large amounts are not easy to come by?
    Thanks so much for the inspiration! John
    P.S. Wondering if it’s possible to visit your moss farm.

  10. 10

    Hey Sean
    There are several moss species that would look great between your cement pavers and that can live in direct sun. I recommend Bryum (available in limited quantities upon request), Ceratodon, Entodon, Atrichum as your best bets. I never recommend grass as a solution. My advice is based upon years of research, field observations, cultivation experiments and “tried and true” methods with specific bryophytes. At Mountain Moss, we possess expertise and practical experience in landscaping applications as well as an exclusive selection of specialty mosses from our Mossery. Let me know if we can be of assistance as you “green” your hardscape in Brooklyn.

    Thanks for contacting Mountain Moss.
    Mossin’ Annie

  11. 11
    Sean Guillory

    Hello! I live in Brooklyn, NY…we are thinking of laying concrete square slabs of cement in our backyard and thought that you might have advice on what type of moss (or grass) that would grow in between the 1-2inch crevices of cement squares? We DO have quite a bit of direct sunlight, so I need professional (tried and true) advice on this matter.
    Best, Sean

  12. 12
    Marc Bosley

    We built an office and need a moss for our courtyard that must be able to grow in direct sunlight. We would prefer to buy it like sod in large quantity.

    Please contact our office via email or telephone. 800-203-8314

    Marc Bosley

  13. 13

    Hey Felix…
    Glad we will finally connect in person tomorrow. I’ll bring you a selection of mosses that I feel will offer a variety of textures for your Bonsai landscapes. At the gate, tell them you will be meeting Mac Franklin and me at the Moss Green Roof near the Baker Education Center. Mac and I will be finished with our weeding task by 3 pm. Let’s plan on getting together around 3;15 – 3:30 pm. Park near Baker Center and go upstairs. When you exit the building from this upper floor, you’ll see the moss green roof on the garden shed straight ahead. My phone: 828-577-1321. See you on Friday. Mossin’ Annie

  14. 14

    Hey Craig,
    THANKS for sharing the video of your aquascape…WOW! It is fantastic. I believe you should try a variety of mosses that will like the environmental conditions you’ve created. Thuidium will be a TOP choice for you. Also, Mountain Moss has several specialty bryophytes that will like the moisture — Atrichum undulatum and Plagiomnium ciliare (mosses) and Marchantia polymorpha (liverwort). If you want to order a DELUXE Sampler, I’ll make sure to include mosses appropriate for your indoor garden… an exemplary living wall. I think you should try SHADE mosses even if you are providing supplemental light. You might try a DELUXE sampler of sun types, too. This project is ideal for unique mosses (and liverworts)… I could even include a small colony of hornworts… another major cool and rare plant cousin. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Mossin’ Annie

  15. 15

    I am real sorry for the delay … here is the link


    I called you about a week ago about the wall of moss once again so sorry for the time gap.

  16. 16
    Felix Laughlin

    Annie: My email address is felixlaughlin@gmail.com.

    Hope to see you tomorrow at the Arboretum.

    Best regards. Felix

  17. 17

    Love your mossy work! I live on a north facing slope of Blue Ridge Mountain over the Shenandoah River – a perfect habitat for moss. In my yard I protect and rescue a growing variety of moss; my favorite, climacium thrives here. Wondering why I never see climacium out in the wild…
    Take Care, Laura, aka missmossma