Mountain Moss’ conceptual designs and installations incorporate innovative ways to utilize mosses for residential and commercial projects.

Whether you want to feature mosses as the main focus or integrate mosses into traditional garden spaces with perennials and annuals, we can create an aesthetically appealing area with respect for the value of an environmentally-friendly and sustainable landscape. Using a method of contingent, patchwork planting, Mountain Moss offers turn-key installations leaving a carpet of year-round green to enjoy from the start. As a moss artist, Mossin’ Annie takes the design and installation process from a basic landscaper’s task into another realm of art in the landscape. The land becomes her canvas and the mosses serve as her medium to enhance your outdoor living experience. Lead the way by embracing mosses as a viable horticultural choice and engaging Mountain Moss to transform your landscape into a serene, green moss retreat.

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    Diane Brown


    We have recently moved into a house in Sherwood Forest. During the process of excavation, they left an area of rock (grantie?) and sediment comes down with each rainfall and snowfall. Is this an area of ground appropriate for moss? It is very steep and we have tried to grow some patches of Irish and Scotish moss with limited success.


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    Hey Diane,
    Yes, there are mosses that can alleviate the rushing rainwater over the granite rip-rap rocks. I would suggest Thuidium. If there is much clay soil, consider Polytrichum which helps prevent erosion on hillsides. Please realize that Irish and Scotch “moss” just have the name “moss.” They are vascular plants with flowers and seeds — not true bryophytes (mosses). They have different growth habits and die back in the winter months… unlike mosses that thrive in cold weather still providing green appeal and green solutions. If you would like a site consultation, installation or to purchase mosses, contact me directly. 828-577-1321 or Good luck as you Go Green With Moss! Mossin’ Annie

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    Hey Mark,
    YES! Mosses provide an alternative to sedum plantings for green roofs. Weight load could be significantly reduced since soil substrate is minimal or eliminated. I am unfamiliar with “ecovegetal” system. I have used EnkaDrain made by Colbond (USA) which is a GREAT product offering water retention layer as well as wiry, nylon section for drainage and overflow. Thanks for providing Erik’s contact info, I’ll get in touch with him. I’m curious about the use of mosses for green roofs in Europe. Perhaps I can acquire some samples of his product and conduct some research on my own. On another note: Mosses and sedums are totally different plants with drastically different needs and tolerances. If they are mixed together, one or the other will suffer. Thanks for taking time to explore moss options with Mountain Moss. Please stay in touch. Mossin’ Annie

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    Hey Mark,
    Somehow, your comment got lost in my pending/spam folder. Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Mosses provide year-round beauty as well as functionality. There is no need for elaborate modifications to the building structure since mosses don’t weigh much and many don’t require soil depths of other plants. Sedums retain moisture and therefore, are suited for heat and drought. Sedums and mosses are quite different in terms of their moisture needs. Mosses need supplemental watering if located on a roof, especially if in direct sun exposure. In winter, when temperatures are cooler, misting/irrigation can be suspended. The mosses will reign supreme in the winter with their brilliant greens in comparison to dormant sedums. I certainly am convinced that mosses are a more “sustainable and long-term solution for lightweight, long-lasting, cost-efficient and mass-market green roofs.”

    PLEASE send me contact info for Erik. I’d like to explore moss green roof ideas with him.

    Thanks for networking with me and sharing.
    Mossin’ Annie

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