A site consultation is recommended as the first step in determining your bryophyte choices. It is critical to use the appropriate mosses following “right place, right plant” guidelines.

Your personal consultation will take about an hour and it’s like having your own private lesson on mosses and how to use them successfully in your own landscape. After this assessment of microclimates and other factors, Mountain Moss can submit a project proposal for design and installation of mosses for your property.

If you would like to schedule a site consultation, the base cost for visiting local sites (within a 30-mile radius of Brevard) is $100 plus mileage (.65 per mile round-trip). Additional costs are applied for regional consultations to cover time and travel expenses. Contact Mossin’ Annie to schedule a convenient time to start your own moss journey.

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    Cheryl Cunningham

    Hey Annie,
    I have decied to stop fighting the forest and remove the little grass that grew and switch the entire thing back to forest moss. I do have a lawn that is approx 45% moss 30% weeds 25% grass. I do have areas of sun. The thick moss that is growing on the north side of my house keeps getting dug up by something.

    I do have the limitation that I have no irrgation system and a very bad well. But it has been raining daily hasn’t it lately? Maybe I should invest in a Rain Barrell – to utilize the rain coming off the roof.

    I am interested in a consultation..


  2. 2

    Hey Cheryl,
    I’ll be over in AVL today for AVL Greenworks Garden Tour in Kenilworth. I’ll be hosting visitors at my friend’s moss garden… quite magnificent and my absolute FAV. It’s certainly worth an afternoon to see the beauty and sustainability of a moss garden created over 60 years ago. For more info:

    I’ll give you a call Sunday evening. If it gets too late, I’ll call you on Monday. It will be a busy week but I can arrange a weekend consultation for you soon. Perhaps next Sunday?

    I’ll send you an email and please note: I have removed your phone number from public view.

    Thanks for contacting Mountain Moss.
    Mossin’ Annie

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