Mountain Moss Enterprises provides a full range of services that offer eco-friendly solutions for all types of landscape applications.

Site consultations are available to help determine appropriate bryophytes for your property by assessing microclimates and other factors. Mossin’ Annie shares her expertise to help you get started on your own moss journey.



Conceptual designs envisioned by Mountain Moss offer innovative approaches that take mosses way beyond the idea of just a moss carpet by emphasizing the textures and shapes that complement and contrast with other native plants or traditional horticultural plant choices.




Turn-key installations create an instant patchwork of mosses that will provide enjoyment through all the seasons. Beside moss focal features and pocket gardens, Mountain Moss provides innovative approaches for adorning waterfalls, converting to moss lawns, and greening urban locations with living walls and green roofs.


Working with property owners and developers, Mountain Moss coordinates the rescue of bryophytes from high impact locations. The goal is to retrieve mosses prior to any tree cutting, land clearing or road construction. If you want to build a “green” house or plan a “green” community, then we urge that you consider taking this first step in going green.





Sharing the joys of mosses through our educational programs is paramount to our philosophy. Mossin’ Annie is committed to spreading the word to moss lovers of all ages.




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    Mark Shevory


    We live in Lake Toxaway and enjoy mosses and the woods. Do you have a nursery or office we could stop by. We’re interested in learning more and perhaps installing some mosses on our property. Thanks Mark

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