If you are interested in home gardening, landscaping, green roofs, live aquariums, living walls, frog habitats, fairy gardens, Bonsai, Ichiyo Ikebana, rain gardens, botanical exhibits, urban “greening” concepts, weddings, special events… Mountain Moss Enterprises has the right mosses for your needs.

Check availability for various types of shade and sun mosses in our Moss Shop. For specialty bryophytes or larger quantities, please contact us directly to place a custom order.

Moss-as-Art creations are far more than just “crafty” moss logs. Their designs reflect nature but add an element of design and artistic flair. Items range in size from small accessories to large focal features. They can serve as outdoor art or be brought inside to adorn your dining table or mantle. If properly cared for, each unique custom creation which will bring years of joy.

All mosses and other native plants have been either cultivated by Mountain Moss Nursery or rescued from high impact sites following responsible land stewardship practices. Our intention is to promote the use of live mosses and we do not support floral or craft projects that use these live plants as dead elements. Mountain Moss Enterprises is certified by the State of North Carolina to distribute live moss plants through its nursery operations (NC License/Certification #6440). In addition, Mountain Moss Enterprises possesses a Collected Plant License for legitimate harvesting of native mosses (NC License/Certification #5291). Please encourage respect for our national/state/local forest resources and protect them for future generations.
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25 Responses to “Mosses for Sale”

  1. 1
    Joseph P. Craig

    Hello Annie,
    I have just discovered your Fantastic web site and store.
    I have recentley covered 1500 sq. ft. of slumpstone wall
    with slate roofing tiles, (vertically mounted on north face)
    My Dream and Goal is to populate ass much of the wall as possible
    with all your variety of mosses.
    Could you please quote me a price for one flat each to be
    shipped all at the same time.
    looking forword to hearing from you.
    Thank you very much for the pleasure you web site has given me.

  2. 2

    Hey Joseph… Glad you want to GREEN your wall with MOSSES. I’ll contact you directly to determine other micro-climate factors that could impact your success. Mountain Moss Enterprises will help you choose the best bryophytes for your project following Right Place, Right Plant concepts. In addition to the mosses offered at our Moss Shop for sale, we have several additional types in our current inventory. We can combine your order for shipping as requested. Expect an email from me today.

    We certainly appreciate the positive feedback about our Web site. We have emphasized mosses for sustainable landscape applications. We are committed to sharing the joys of moss gardening with others through our educational outreach programs.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  3. 3
    Kay Frye

    I have recently become attracted to moss as I have a large backyard which is wooded and in deep shade. Nothing but hostas and ivy will grow there. Except now I have discovered moss. I am creating several moss gardens and would like to order large quantities of different types of moss. You website states to contact you directly for large quantities but I can not find a number to do so. If you would be so kind to have someone contact me to discuss my project and placing an order I would appreciate it.
    Kay Frye

  4. 4
    Sandra Loehr

    I am very interested in incorporating native moss plants in my garden/lawn. After surveying your website, I had difficulty locating order information and any workshop opportunities.

    I live in Charlotte, and would like advice about what moss varieties would work here.

    I would appreciate more information about “moss education” for my area and about ordering native plants.

    Thanks so much, Sandy Loehr

  5. 5

    Mosses are great alternatives for lawns… and much better for our environment than grasses. No fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are needed. And… without the need for mowing, carbon footprint is eliminated. Mosses can be purchased through our Moss Shop here at our Web site. OR you can contact me directly for specialty orders or pricing for large quantities: mossinannie@gmail.com. Since you live in Charlotte, you are in luck because we have established a presence at the Metrolina Farmer’s Market on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. If you have a special request, contact us in advance, and we will facilitate delivery/shipping by meeting up with you there.

    As for workshops, I just conducted one yesterday at the New Leaf Garden Market in Penrose, NC. Interest was expressed in scheduling another one this summer there. Often, lectures and workshops are scheduled with Garden Clubs and Environmental Groups and for members only. No upcoming public events are scheduled in Charlotte at this point. However, if you want to travel to Highlands, NC, I’ll be conducting a moss workshop at the Highlands Biological Station on August 11 from 4-6 pm.

    Mosses do grow and can thrive in the Charlotte area. My brother has a moss garden in his front yard that he started about 3 years ago. It’s possible to schedule a private consultation to assess your site and help you get started on your mossy journey. Contact me directly via the above email address if you’d like to schedule any services or purchase products. We’ll be happy to accommodate your requests. We look forward to hearing back from you.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  6. 6

    Hey Kay,
    I apologize for such a delay in getting back to you. I don’t know how your request slipped through my Internet cracks. Please contact me directly: mossinannie@gmail.com to discuss your needs. I could conduct a site consultation for you in Charlotte; even design and install turn-key moss features. You can find Mountain Moss at the Metrolina Farmer’s Market on 1st & 3rd Saturdays… next one June 18. If you would like to discuss your needs, please call me. 828-577-1321. We’re glad to hear from you.
    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  7. 7
    Tommi Risinger

    I have had success growing “sidewalk” moss. It seems to live through anything. Does anyone else grow it or sell it?

  8. 8

    Hey Tommi,
    “Sidewalk” mosses are indeed resilient. They can tolerate periods of drying out and direct sun exposures. Be aware that these mosses go through transitional stages and dormant periods when they will not look as “good.” Be patient and they will rebound with the next rain or supplemental watering. Do not keep them soggy for long periods though. If they turn “gray” or “reddish-brown” — most likely you’ll be delighted with the new green growth that will happen in a few weeks. Mountain Moss offers these exceptional mosses for sale. You can place an order through our online Moss Shop or contact me directly via email: mossinannie@gmail.com.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  9. 9
    Patrick Goodreau

    I’ve got a section of yard on the side of the house that gets plenty of water (sprinklers) but not enough sun to maintain the grass. I was thinking of putting moss in the area. Any ideas? It gets some sun. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. 10

    Hey Patrick,
    Thanks for your inquiry about our LIVE mosses. Indeed, mosses could be a great choice in your location that isn’t conducive to grass anyway. We have an exclusive selection of mosses never before offered to the public. Many of our mosses tolerate both shade/sun exposures.

    Depending on where you live, it could be advantageous to have a site consultation to assess the micro-climate and determine the best bryophytes for your needs.

    Otherwise, please review the types available through our online Moss Shop. If you’d like to provide a bit more information about your garden and where you live, I could offer specific suggestions on which mosses will be suitable. Please contact me back directly: mossinannie@gmail.com.

    Early spring is a good time of the year to start making your transition from grass to moss!

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  11. 11

    Hi Annie!
    I am so happy that I have a new ‘convert’ to the moss lawn idea, but he needs some reassurance and I need some guidance. He had been trying to save an old, tired lawn, and added lime to it last fall. I suggested he give up that idea and let nature take its course, which means allowing the moss to take over the lawn area. The moss he presently has is, I think, thuidium, as it is a fast growing fern type which dose not attach firmly to the ground. He is concerned that using a blower to keep the leaves off in the fall will tear it up. (Some skunks did a number on it recently as well.)
    We’ve done a soil test, which shows acidity to be at 6.5 and calcium levels to be excessive. I would like to suggest he buy some flats from you to get the project jump-started, and I think putting in different varieties that do not dislodge easily will be helpful, but first, I want to get the soil right. Help?

  12. 12

    Hey Kay,
    Good to hear from you and that you are promoting our native mosses in your landscape designs. I always think of you when I admire my Oconee Bells which are already blooming in the mountains… but I have some red leaves, too, in my demonstration moss garden. I’ve transformed the entire yard to moss features and a moss lawn. I’ve busy, busy this weekend at my Mossery expanding my field production of pre-vegetated moss mats and carpets. In addition to trays of Thuidium, I have a number of other types that would probably be appropriate choices for your customer. It could be of benefit to schedule a site consultation where we could assess the micro-climate, identify existing bryophytes and discuss techniques for planting and maintenance. It’s like having your own private moss lesson and really helps jump-start the process for you to proceed with successful results. I could bring a selection of Mountain Moss’ exclusive bryophyte types (including Thuidium in sporophytic stage) and eliminate any shipping costs as well. Contact me directly if y’all decide you want a site consultation and we’ll schedule a time in the near future.

    As for your questions… luckily pH is only one factor. Since you have a starting point, add aluminum sulfate or sulfur to adjust the pH from 6.5 to 5.5. Thuidium does like acidic soil and particularly enjoys a pine canopy.In addition to soil and decaying soils, Thuidium can live in lots of locations and on a variety of substrates. Clemson has a good reference on their Web site that provides the raitoBe aware… Thuidium might go through a golden stage that offers a contrast to the constant green of other mosses. If you provide a supplemental WATERing regime via an irrigation system or simple overhead sprinkler on a timer… AND WALK on the mosses, then they will become better attached to the soil and grow faster.

    Mosses should not blow away in the fall (dampen mosses and then blow leaves to avoid this problem.). As for critters causing damage, black deer natting can be used and blends into the landscape from a distance. It can be removed easily to weed as needed… or to SHOW off the moss lawn. Also, netting can be convenient during various season for collection and removal of debris, fall leaves and spring seeds pods

    I’ve got another idea to propose… how about a bryophyte boat cruise on Lake Jocassee? [[[re interested, let’s figure out a convenient date to schedule a mossy boat ride!!! Call me or email me directly.
    If we don’t see each other soon, I wish y’all good luck with your moss lawn idea.

    If you’d like to come visit my moss garden in Pisgah Forest, I schedule group tours by speciwl appointment that includes and educational programs. AND, my moss garden will be on the Transvlvania Arts Council tour of homes/gardens on tbe third Saturday in May. Contact me to schedule a site consultation or go directly to the Moss Shop to purcase mre mosses for this potential moss lawn.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  13. 13
    Pio LInhares

    Dear Annie
    I’m looking out for an aquarium moss for planted tanks that can with stand a temperature of 30 degrees C
    In your experience can you please let me know which one would that be

  14. 14

    Hey Pio
    Are you wanting an aquatic moss or a terrestrial moss… in other words will it be living in the water or just in a moist environment? I am going to assume the latter and recommend Atrichum, Plagiomnium, Dicranum, Thuidium, Climacium… and lots more. A DELUXE SHADE tray from our exclusive selection of moss types would probably be a good starting option. Thanks for contacting Mountain Moss. Mossin’ Annie

  15. 15
    Lynne G.

    Hello: We are orchid growers located in Ontario Canada. We are having problems in getting sphagnum moss to use it in our orchid potted plants. If you can export we have an import licence to US. Also please send price list for other products.
    Thank You,

  16. 16

    Hello Lynne,
    While we enjoy the beauty of orchids, Mountain Moss is committed to using mosses in sustainable landscapes not for floral projects or as a moisture retention substrate for potted plants. We emphasize the environmental benefits and the beauty of the mosses themselves. We do not support the use mosses as just a planting medium. Our Sphagnum mosses offer incredible aesthetic appeal to water features, rain gardens and bogs. Sorry but our commitment to responsible land stewardship precludes selling our LIVE moss colonies to florists.
    Mossin’ Annie

  17. 17
    fran summerlin

    I have 1 3/4 acre lot in Wilmington NC. Most of the back 3/4 acre is either dappled shade or heavily shaded with large pines, magnolias, sweet gums, split leaf maples. I have begun establishing paths with hostas and ferns. Hydrangeas and azaleas are the primary plants in many areas. I have a well to supply my landscape watering needs. I have become very interested in adding large moss areas to the landscaping and there are areas where mosses have already been growing. What kinds of moss do you think would thrive well here? Will you be having any programs in Eastern NC soon?

  18. 18

    Hey Fran,
    It sounds like you have a great location for mosses at your place in Wilmington. Since many moss species thrive in acidic soil like your hydrangeas and azaleas and your intended area is primarily shade, then you have lots of choices of mosses. The fact that you have a well and can provide supplemental overhead watering (3-4 brief sessions of 2-4 minutes each day) will be key to your success during the hot days of summer. First, relocate any existing mosses from perimeter areas to the target area. If you’d like to purchase unique, live mosses from our exclusive selection, you could add other types to add more variety and texture. I recommend the following mosses for your shady spot: Atrichum, Climacium, Leucobryum and Thuidium.

    Atrichum undulatum grows upright to a height of about 1/2-1 inches; star-shaped plant; translucent light-medium green; plant leaves curl up when dry; bronze/brown cylinder-shaped spore capsules when reproducing.

    Climacium americanum has sideways rhizoids but plant stands upright about 2 inches tall; large top about the size of silver dollar when mature; extensive color range at various stages or sun exposures — brilliant green new growth, medium-olive green, dull brown older growth (not dead at all — new tiny green sprouts will appear on dead-looking sections) and intense sun yellow when in direct sun spots; sporophytes cluster together growing from the top section of plant which have a similar appearance to Atrichum sporophytes. Climacium colonies look like miniature trees.

    Leucobryum glaucum colonies grow in mounds or pincushions; medium to light green (as it dries out, gets lighter and lighter); during asexual stage, colonies covered with white leaf tips for several weeks; retains more moisture than other mosses becoming a preferred substrate or desired location for other mosses to grow on; great indicator to gardeners of when mosses need to be watered since at a glance you can see if dry; tiny sporophytes (1/2′ tall) creating a golden/bronze glow from a distance.

    Thuidium delicatulum is a sideways grower with appearance of tiny, delicate ferns; color ranges from medium green to yellow-green to yellow depending on sun exposure; in shade, stays green; when dry, looks dry and slightly shriveled; 2″ sporophytes that are bronze with almond-shaped spore capsules.

    During sporophytic state, you’ll see brilliant colors of red, green, gold on setae that change to bronze/bronze when mature.

    All of the above mosses have ability to grow effectively from fragments as well.

    As for “Go Green With Moss” educational programs, there are no lectures scheduled in your area. My next program is on August 15th in Gastonia with the Master Gardeners.

    Thanks for contacting us. At Mountain Moss, we offer moss trays (1.25 sq ft) and larger pre-vegetated mats in various sizes starting at 6’x6′. We look forward to helping you get rolling on your moss journey.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  19. 19

    Hello there… I am an artist and have been interested in making “moss paint” that I intend to put onto a wood panel covered with burlap and grow indoors for an exhibition that I have coming up. I would like to purchase some moss from your site in order to get started on this right away, and am wondering which type of moss would be best for this. The other issue is that I live in Colorado, so it is quite dry. However, I am will to put in the time to mist it daily, or multiple times a day. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think I could get it to work? THANKS!

  20. 20
    Star Santiago

    Hello, I was wondering what types of bryophytes you have available for sale. I run a university greenhouse and am interested in adding bryophytes to our teaching collection. Do you have Anthoceros or Phaeoceros available? Those two were specifically requested. If not, can you recommend a place that I could contact? Thank you for your time.

  21. 21


    I am from the Philippines and would like to know on how can I buy some moss from you? I will pay through credit card.

    Thank you :)

  22. 22
    Barbara Ousley

    I was wondering where I can sell moss or if anyone buys moss anymore? I live in Kentucky and have plenty to gather and would love to sell it. Do you have any suggestions? thank you

  23. 23

    Do you ship to Australia?

  24. 24


    I am looking for an indoor moss or moss like plant . The two main qualities that I am looking for are something that grows as a low level ground covering and relative ease of care indoors . I am open to anything real moss, Irish or Scotch moss, or something from the selaginella family.

    Any suggestions are much appreciated.

    Thank you,


  25. 25

    I am very interested in planting bonsai, but to make it more interesting I want to put some carpet moss on it. And yeah, since I’m imitating a big tree I’ll be also needing a grass growing under it.

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