Mountain Moss Nursery specializes in offering an extensive variety of LIVE mosses appropriate for shade and sun applications. Take advantage of this exclusive inventory of common and rare specialty mosses. These incredible bryophytes may arrive while in sporophytic state providing additional delights of reds, bronzes and golds. Unique moss specimens can be mature colonies, sometimes decades old. Certain bryophytes will come with soil attached. While other nurseries provide mosses in a dry state, Mountain Moss only ships healthy, thriving moss colonies.

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All mosses and other native plants have been either cultivated by Mountain Moss Nursery or rescued from high impact sites following responsible land stewardship practices. Mountain Moss Enterprises is certified by the State of North Carolina to distribute live moss plants through its nursery operations (NC License/Certification #6440). In addition, Mountain Moss Enterprises possesses a Collected Plant License for legitimate harvesting of native mosses (NC License/Certification #5291).

Please encourage respect our national/state/local forest resources and protect them for future generations. Don’t steal mosses from forests or parks. Since we promote the use of live mosses, we discourage the purchase of our LIVE mosses for dry floral or craft purposes, please.

Leading the Way in Moss Cultivation Research

Mountain Moss Enterprises is breaking new ground as a leader in the moss industry by conducting research on effective methodologies for propagating specific moss types. Faced with dilemmas of generalizations about “MOSS” growth patterns and misconceptions from the world of horticulture and the alternate scientific perspective of complex analysis of specific bryophytes at the microscopic level, Mountain Moss has initiated the study of optimum growth methodologies on bryophytes that have specific applications for green roofs and moss lawns.

As a recipient of Western North Carolina Agricultural Options grant in 2010, Mountain Moss Nursery examined various growth habits of selected bryophytes. A variety of substrates were used in container production researching optimum conditions during propagation. An analysis of the supplemental watering regime has been conducted to promote faster growth. Field production has focused on growing those same bryophytes outdoors on various surfaces with varying water retention/wicking properties. Results will be shared with others regarding mosses as potential revenue-producing crops for small farms and independent nurseries. While this initial study is a step in the right direction, further research is needed to examine other factors that impact efficient and effective cultivation of mosses.

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16 Responses to “Moss Nursery”

  1. 1
    James Lampe Jr

    I’m starting a new business where I will be needing Live Moss,. My wife and I have recently moved to the area and are living in Leicester. Can we come to your Nursery to purchase or only online orders?


    James Lampe Jr

  2. 2

    Hey James,
    So glad that you are interested in using LIVE mosses for landscaping needs at your new biz. Mountain Moss offers a wide selection of bryophytes, many of which cannot be purchased elsewhere. Although most types are listed online, sometimes we have additional specialty mosses available. We are in the process of establishing our nursery operations at a new location. At this time, we stage “rescued” mosses and we are proceeding with cultivation of specialty and sun mosses as well as production of pre-vegetated mats for moss lawns and green roofs. In this early stage, we are focusing on farm production and therefore, our Mossery is not open to the public. As we continue to grow our “green” biz, we will consider a retail storefront or public hours at the Mossery. At this point, we are so busy that even “by appointment only” is limited.

    For folks that live in the Charlotte area, we can be found at the Metrolina Farmer’s Market with LIVE mosses and moss-as-art creations for sale on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month during the summer.

    However, since you live in Asheville, it would be possible to make an arrangement for you to pick up orders rather than incur shipping costs for larger quantities. Frequently, I am in Asheville on other moss purposes. I would be happy to make plans to meet up with each other for a convenient delivery.

    Thank you for considering our quality selection of LIVE mosses. If you wish to discuss details, please EMAIL me: or CALL me: 828-577-1321.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  3. 3
    robert dyke

    hiya mossion annie… we were communicating briefly there on linked in. think you got a first rate site here. my question which is more of a rambling one ha ;-) is when you attempt to transwplant or rescue or whatever dig up lol what do you do to prep the new site and how much do you take away under the moss? can you sod roll it away? i am getting for the first time in central virginia at 2500 ft at the start of the blueridge… some hybrid viral moss takeover of the common moss bryophyte found locally or the matted emerald green. will et name later. my point is it would seem to be a waste of time to transplant when the more viral strong moss (can also be black) will embed on top of and take over the transplanted one. also have an irish moss both of which have spores btw. like your input also will you consider doing a day workshop or 4 hrs?
    intrigued robert

  4. 4

    Hey Robert,
    Well, your rambling question is really several questions. First, when gathering mosses, I retrieve most types by hand. Some types will inevitably have soil attached. Polytrichum grows deeper into soil (almost like a vascular plant imposter) and requires a shovel. Preening the weeds out is next. Yes, you might find colonies large enough to “ROLL” up. I’m actually cultivating pre-vegetated mats. It works for pleurocarpus types like Entodon, Thuidium or Hypnum. Other types won’t roll for shipping but mats can be placed on top of each other as needed for delivery.

    Some bryophyte types are more aggressive than others and will “invade” and take over other moss colonies. Thuidium is quite a fast grower in this region. I’m not sure what moss you’re describing. However, I would still introduce mosses and take the risk that Mother Nature might compromise any design you’ve created. You can always “weed out” invasive mosses and use the fragments in another location.

    Please note: Irish Moss is a vascular plant… Sagina. It is not a true bryophyte or “moss”. Like Scotch moss, the plants have roots, flowers and seeds. No real moss will ever have these botanical characteristics. Many people are fooled by nurseries into thinking they are buying MOSS. It won’t have the stress-tolerant capabilities to withstand cold like bryophytes.

    Finally, Mountain Moss offers lecture programs and “hands-on” workshops. Contact me directly: to schedule a Go Green With Moss program in your area. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was in Abingdon, VA at the Mid-Atlantic Garden Faire.

    Hope to hear back again. Thanks for your questions and comments.

    Glad you’ve decided to… Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  5. 5
    pam vaughn

    Is is possible to visit your business? If so, what is your address? Business hours? I love it that someone besides myself is in love with moss! My children make fun of me on trips when I pull off the side of the road and exclaim, “Look at that beautiful moss! ” They say that moss is going to make us have a wreck one day! I said, “If so, and I die, put moss on my casket instead of flowers and plant it and water it immediately after the funeral!” We are in Spartanburg, SC now, but will be moving to Pine Mountain, Ga. in a year. Have you been to Callaway Gardens? Our home in 8 mi. from there. I would LOVE to have our yard 100 % moss! I BELIEVE I read a year or so ago in a Spartanburg paper that there is a yard in Brevard that was all moss. Am I correct? Please e mail me. Thank you mossly, Pam

  6. 6

    Hey Pam
    Thanks for contacting me and sharing your own enthusiasm for mosses. We are kindred spirits… for sure. I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’ve been busy getting ready for a MOSS GREEN ROOF installation at The North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville.

    You just missed a tour of my moss garden for the Transylvania Arts Council Tour of Homes in May. It is not open to the public since it is located at my home. Occasionally, I have an Open House but one is not scheduled at this time. A garden club from near Pickens is coming for a lecture/workshop at the end of this month. Perhaps you’d like to organize a group to come visit from Spartanburg.

    My Mossery is located near Penrose — between Brevard and Hendersonville. It is a production location where I stage mosses and cultivate pre-vegetated moss mats for landscaping. It is not a retail location. However, if we determine that you wish to purchase mosses, I can schedule a special appointment time just for you.

    Later this summer, on August 2, I’ll be conducting a workshop at the Highlands Biological Station in Highlands, NC. This past winter, I installed a learning moss garden for them. It offers gardeners and scientists an opportunity to see mosses planted intentionally in a landscape. AND… the bryophytes are labeled so you can learn to identify various types.

    I wish you luck in your mossy endeavors. I understand your “moss radar” since I’m always beamed in myself. Be careful driving. Let your kids create their own moss fairy garden and teach them the joys of mosses! Please join my Facebook group, Go Green With Moss! I frequently post photos to share with others and welcome any comments/photos from other moss enthusiasts. I hope to hear back from you.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  7. 7

    I am doing an accent wall in my living room with bluestone and moss. I would like to use the highest quality mosses, several different types/colors. The stone will be glued to a painted wood board, and the idea is to have living (or preserved, or a mixture of both) moss on the rock wall. I would like to place an order soon. Thinking I would also buy some of the moss milkshake if it is the best option.

  8. 8

    hello there,

    i am currently interested in making a moss bath mat. i have read quite a bit about them and found a website that gives me step by step instructions on doing so. i live in beaumont texas and sadly there arent many nuserys around :( i was wondering if you have heard of this type of moss matt and if so which mosses would you recomend?

    thanks a ton,

  9. 9

    Hey Chance,
    I’d recommend using Thuidium mosses for a bath mat. You’ll need to provide a natural or artificial light source. Also, you need to use a water retaining substrate for your mat (with a backing to protect the floor). Dripping dry on your mat will not provide enough moisture. You’ll also need to mist it frequently. Mountain Moss can provide LIVE mosses for your project as well as our recommended substrate for bath mats and carpets.

    I’m curious about the Web site you’ve mentioned. Please send me an email with the link:

    Let me know if we can be of further assistance. If you want us to help make this moss mat a reality, then contact me back directly via email rather than placing your order through our Moss Shop. Thanks for considering doing business with Mountain Moss.
    Mossin’ Annie

  10. 10

    Hello Sandra,
    Mountain Moss is committed to ethical and environmental principles in all our operations, specifically rescues and legitimate harvests. We focus on the benefits of live mosses when used in sustainable landscapes. In contrast, the majority of moss distributors in America (including Florida and Pennsylvania) provide mosses to the floriculture industry. These “middle-men” suppliers buy dry mosses by the pound to sell for floral and craft purposes… and sometimes even marketed for landscape purposes. As an environmentalist that adheres to policies for responsible land stewardship, I have discovered questionable harvesting practices are common in the moss industry including buying from moss harvesters that have “raided” our protected national/state/local forests. While many moss harvesters rely upon this supplemental income, most are paid a FRACTION in comparison to the HUGE profits realized by the “middle-men” suppliers and retail distributors.

    Mountain Moss cannot recommend a source for you to sell your moss harvest because we do not support this aspect of the moss industry. We encourage you to seek out opportunities to sell your mosses to landscapers in your region. We hope that you’ve acquired your 500 lbs plus of mosses through legitimate means by gaining permission from property owners or harvesting from your own land. Please protect our national forests for future generations. It saddens me that your mosses will end up being dyed green and used as a dead element and decorative filler for floral designs.

    To the Moss Community – Please consider introducing LIVE mosses into your landscapes that have been legitimately harvested/rescued/cultivated. Your success rate will be significantly multiplied over trying to grow from dry fragments purchased in a box or plastic bag.

    Mossin’ Annie

  11. 11

    Good Morning Kim,
    Thanks for contacting Mountain Moss. Our goal for our rescued mosses is for them to provide delight in sustainable landscapes. We do not provide mosses to florists since mosses are treated as dead elements to be dyed green, used decoratively and then thrown away. However, we do have pre-vegetated mats that could be cut to runner size/length. We encourage enjoying mosses for the ceremony first and then planting them in your landscape to continue providing pleasure and environmental benefits for years to come. Prices vary based upon moss species as well as width/length of the pre-vegetated mats. We’ll need to determine micro-climate conditions, appropriate moss types and prices. Please contact me back directly via email: or by phone: 828-577-1321. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for considering doing business with Mountain Moss.
    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  12. 12
    Anthony R. Spencer

    Mountain Moss: Do you know what moss varieties are at the Moss Garden In kyoto, Japan, and do you sell these?
    Anthony R. Spencer
    Rye, New York
    USA 10580

  13. 13

    Is it possible to visit your moss nursery in person? I am from Boone and will be visiting home in a few weeks. I would love to come see your nursery and buy some mosses to put in my yard in Takoma Park, MD, near Washington, DC. I would like a little advice as to which mosses might do best in a warmer place–and also some advice on how much moss I need to begin a moss bed in my front yard.

  14. 14

    I am looking into making one of those moss shower mats and was wondering which of your products you’d recommend?

  15. 15

    Lookin’ for moss spores

  16. 16
    Simcha Milo

    I am interested in purchasing the smallest sampler collection of your most colorful and impressive moss plants in your nurseries.
    If you sell such a sampler package, what will it contain, how long can the moss samples remain unpacked and what will it cost to be shipped to Sunnyvale CA?

    Best regards,


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