Mountain Moss Enterprises’ Moss-as-Art creations feature live indigenous mosses of western North Carolina integrated with other native plants. Mossin’ Annie adds her artistic touch emphasizing a miniature world of mosses, lichens and diminuitive plants cradled in natural log containers – branches, hollow logs and stumps. Individually designed, each creation is unique. No two will ever be alike. Visit our new Moss Shop for our current selection of impressive and innovative Moss-as-Art.

Mossin’ Annie has been recognized for her exceptional designs. Her creations have been winners in regional competitions and exhibited at various galleries. In 2007, she received “Best of Show” at the NC Mountain State Fair twice.

Native plant enthusiasts, environmentalists, gardeners, green thinkers – both men and women – will find this live moss art a special treat. Feature a moss log this holiday as your “Yule Log” that you can continue to enjoy long after the holidays are over. Throughout the year, keep your moss-as-art outdoors as a garden focal point or balcony art. For special events and holidays bring your moss-as-art inside to feature as a centerpiece for your dining table or fireplace mantle.


If your have a special request, contact Mossin’ Annie to place a custom order. We welcome inquiries from event planners regarding “greening” your next conference, banquet or wedding with LIVE, ECO-FRIENDLY MOSSES.

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    Would purchasing a shade variety tray (with the tray) be a good way to start with moss art? I too have been somewhat leery of making a moss milkshake. I was trying to figure out how to start; possibly a box with mdf backing and raised wooden sides, stained and sealed, but I’m loosing track when it comes to substrate and a cover to keep the substrate in place and how to place the mosses (read something about possibly tying them in place with fishing line, which the moss would later grow over and cover, so guessing a fine metal mesh holding back some sort of substrate which I could then thread the line through and tie on the mosses?)

    Any advice would be great!

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    Images of moss graffiti pop up all over the Internet. However, my efforts to contact the artists has been in vain so far. I have my doubts that any of these “moss wall arts” have been sustainable. However, it could work if you choose the right bryophyte for the right substrate and maintain the preferred environmental conditions for an extended period of time. LOTS of people talk about the “moss milkshake method” but there has been very little evidence of actual success. I sure would like to hear from someone that could give some definitive feedback from their “long-term success.”

    However, bryophytes can and do live on vertical surfaces. The wall needs to be porous and retain moisture. I’d recommend that Entodon, Hedwigia, Bryum or Ceratodon might be good choices. Mountain Moss offers these types for sale.

    International shipping requires official certification of each individual shipment. by the USDA. Regulations must be met regarding the intended country’s regulations for import as well. It is a laborious and time-consuming process. Freight/shipping costs are not cheap either. It can expensive to pursue international fulfillment of orders. If you are serious, please contact me directly to make specific arrangements ( Do not place your order through our Moss Shop. ALL international orders are considered on an individual basis.

    Please keep us posted if you create your own moss graffiti. We’d love to see you succeed!
    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

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    I’m interested in doing green walls using the technique of moss graffiti.

    I would love for to know if the kinds of moss that you sell

    can be used for this and if you do shipments to Bogota Colombia

    Thanks for your reply

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