Mountain Moss Enterprises is your first choice for purchasing live mosses for a variety of landscape applications. Our unique bryophyte types offer a range of solutions for shade locations and sunny exposures. Adding mosses to your inventory for landscaping projects will open new doors with existing customers as well as attract new clients. Since mosses grow in the winter, this traditional “down-time” in the horticultural industry can now become a productive and profitable season. From Japanese tea gardens to native restorations –  patios to moss lawns, Mountain Moss offers the right moss to suit your needs.

Mountain Moss can provide valuable guidance for incorporating mosses into landscape designs and “green” trends. Working in concert with your team, we can enhance your project with innovative moss ideas and practical solutions. Our goal is to fill a “niche” and complement existing project concepts.

Mountain Moss is leading the way in researching bryophytes appropriate for all types of new “green” ideas. Bryophytes offer advantages over other plants including the popular sedums used as a primary green roof plant choice. Structural concerns regarding weight are minimized because mosses have no roots requiring only a minimal soil layer. Mosses can grow on vertical surfaces such as a living wall. We are currently developing specialized products, including pre-vegetated moss mats, that are user-friendly emphasizing easy installation of live mosses and long-term sustainability.

Mountain Moss guarantees the quality of our live moss specimens. We do not ship our products dry.  We ship mosses moist, sometimes with soil attached. When possible, mosses in sporophytic stage are included. Exceptional moss specimens as well as specialty liverworts and lichens are available upon request.

For project design services, custom orders or large quantities, please contact us directly for more information on pricing and availability.

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    I live in South Florida & I am looking to put moss in between my flagstone. Can you please tell me what I should by. There is a lot of sunny during the day.
    Thank you,

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    Hey Lisa,
    Mosses really add the “finishing touch” to a flagstone patio or stone path. For sun exposures, I recommend Atrichum, Ceratodon, Ditrichum, and Entodon. It is a tedious task to plant between the cracks but well worth the effort. You’ll be quite pleased with the result. Please note: Irish and Scotch Moss are NOT true mosses (bryophytes). They have roots, flowers and seeds. Avoid purchasing these “moss fakers” from nurseries. Mountain Moss offers an exclusive selection of LIVE mosses that are appropriate for both sun and shade exposures providing a variety of landscape options. You can order these specialty mosses from our online Moss Shop.

    Recently, I installed mosses for a stone patio. I documented the process with photos. Hopefully, I’ll find time to post this series as an instructional guide to share with others interested in enhancing the ambiance of their outdoor living spaces with mosses.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

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    We live in Clear2water FL. and would like to make a lawn-type carpet of moss (24′ x 4′).

    Do you have experience with that sort of project?

    What would the cost for such an amount be?


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    Good Morning John,
    Thanks for contacting Mountain Moss regarding our exclusive selection of LIVE mosses for landscaping in sun or shade exposures. If you want to create an “instant” moss lawn, then I recommend pre-vegetated mats of Entodon for your location in Florida. Entodon can live in either sun or shade locations. My largest mat size is 18 ft so you’d have to get them in two sections to achieve 24 x 4′. After clearing the area, you can lay in these mats. Some minor repairs may be required after shipping so I’ll include extra mosses for this purpose. These mats have been cultivated for over a year. Do not order through our online MOSS SHOP. Please contact me directly via email to place your order: I’ll need to issue a special PayPal invoice. I’ll send you an email with the estimated costs for this request.

    If you prefer to purchase moss trays from our inventory, please proceed with Moss Shop order processing.

    WATERING and walking on your mosses is essential for long-term success. I recommend several brief watering sessions per day depending upon the heat index, humidity levels and daily rainfall. If you already have an irrigation system, this area will need to be in a separate zone. Mosses don’t share the same watering requirements as grass lawns or flower gardens. More frequent watering is needed by mosses but in smaller doses/shorter sessions (not to exceed five minutes per session).

    Thanks for contacting Mountain Moss. We offer full service to our customers including technical advice on techniques for moss gardening success.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

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    I have recently cleared the underbrush on about an acre of my property. We look out from our cottage onto this area and I would like to have some sort of ground cover that would be green and slow growing. I love the idea of a moss and believe it would give us that England feel. We live in East Texas and this are would be under all hardwood trees and in total shade. Thanks for your help.

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