Mountain Moss-Mossery Container ProductionMountain Moss is happy to announce expansion of our nursery operations – The MOUNTAIN MOSSERY! While Mountain Moss focuses our moss collection on rescues from high impact sites, we recognize the value of cultivating bryophytes for sustainable landscape applications. We have addressed issues of propagation and conducted our own research on growing all types of bryophytes with an emphasis on fast-growing types and those mosses that tolerate sun exposures. Our goal is to introduce new eco- moss options to environmentally-conscious homeowners, landscapers and green roofers.

Mountain Moss-First Phase-Container ProductionMountain Moss-Container Production-Cold FrameMountain Moss-Moss Cultivation-ShelvesMountain Moss-Moss Cultivation Research-TraysMountain Moss-Sun Mosses-Ceratodon-DitrichumIn 2010, Mountain Moss Enterprises received a grant through the NC Tobacco Trust Fund, Western North Carolina Agricultural Options program. We proceeded to research container production and develop methodologies for cultivating mosses as a potential cash crop for small farmers that historically have been dependent on tobacco farming. The study included 20 kinds of mosses and liverworts, various substrates and supplemental watering regimes. No chemicals were used in production, and therefore, groundwater contamination was nil. While further horticultural research is indicated that is bryophyte specific, we have determined preliminary types and started to develop BMPs (best management practices).

As an aspiring entrepreneur with limited funds for research, I continue to take steps toward growing the moss industry in a responsible manner with emphasis on alternative energy sources and rainwater harvesting. “With a little help from our friends”… and family… we are determined to move forward. Thanks to Claire and Eric Stephenson for the use of their cold frame in Cedar Mountain during our first phase of nursery production. Now, MAJOR THANKS to Betsy Smith for sharing her land in Penrose as we move into our next phase of field production.

Mountain Moss-Mossery Site

Mountain Moss is happy to announce the opening of our new nursery –  The Mountain MOSSERY. We started setting up operations on Talley Road near Brevard this week. Three MOSSketeersDale, Leila and I looked like the “Beverly Hillbillies” moving in but in good spirit, the Three MOSSketeers worked hard and accomplished a lot. The site offers both shade and sun locations with a Northwest exposure. While we will rely upon a well and traditional power source initially, we hope to include alternative energy such as solar power and water supplies from rainwater harvesting, holding pond or the nearby mountain stream using a RAM pump in the future.

Mountain Moss-Green Roof researchIn addition to continued research, we are expanding field production areas and developing pre-vegetated moss mats. Our Mountain Moss Mats will make it easy to install a moss lawn or green roof. Our new site offers a tin roof for experimentation on BMPs regarding mosses for green roofs. We are committed to field-testing our concepts before they are formally introduced to the market place. Sustainability of moss applications can only be proved with successful results that last over time.

Our business approach is based upon principles of responsible land management that are environmentally-friendly and moss applications that will last for years to come. We are excited about this next step in distinguishing Mountain Moss as a premier supplier of quality LIVE mosses through our research and expertise in practical moss gardening. The MOUNTAIN MOSSERY is now a reality! We’ve accomplished another milestone toward our BIG mossy ideas. Go Green With Moss!Mountain Moss-MOSSERY now in production mode

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    So glad to see businesses like this expanding! Floral shops and nurseries are constantly on the lookout for good deals on wholesale green moss like the kind you can get from Oregon Evergreen & Willamette Evergreen ( so congratulations on growing your business to include that as you will definitely see a high return on investment!

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    Pamela Green

    We have recently bought a cabin in Maggie Valley. There is very little grass here and a lot of natural areas with leaves, stumps, and rocky dirt. I would like to introduce moss but I will not be here full-time to water. Is winter the good time to try to get them started and what mosses grow best in Maggie Valley? We are at 4000 feet altitude.

    I am looking for you choice of mosses and prices.

    Thank you for any information.


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    Jane Friel

    Hi – I wonder if you could help me identify the following types of moss which I have photographed recently:

    I would like to label them correctly!

    Many thanks and kind regards


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    Louise Gantt

    Hi Annie,
    I so enjoyed your talk at the Master Gardener Symposium in Columbia in March and have enjoyed watching the mosses I bought start to grow in Columbia. I think I am hooked! I just found out that we have been invited to visit friends in the Brevard area MAY 25 THROUGH 28 and would love the opportunity to visit your mossery sometime while we are there.
    I am really excited about this possibility because I want to learn more and would like to buy more also!
    Would you let me know if I could visit during this time, please?
    Louise Gantt
    Columbia. SC

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    hi, i’m interested in turning my shaded backyard attempt into a moss lawn. can you give me directions to your mossery? i live in asheville and would like to come out and buy moss and pick your brain. thanks. maggie

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    from one nursery man to another – i just love your site. it is fantastic. i would love to get in contact with you.
    i live in rainy ireland….i think that you are inspirational……fantastic.
    kind regards maureen

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    karen l. babb

    WONDERFUL articles on this gorgeous product of nature!!! I live in Grand Lake, Colorado at altitude of 9,000 feet with growing zone rated 4. What type(s) of moss can

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