Mountain Moss Enterprises has lots of mossy, green ideas and potential projects to bridge the information gap between bryophytes and horticulture. It is our firm belief that we are on the cutting edge of a new, green industry. We are paving the way for the emergence of mosses as a viable horticultural alternative that emphasizes a responsible stewardship of our environment. Without an academic affiliation or support from a research institution, yet armed with a good spirit attitude, we seek to conduct research to explore options for green roofs, moss lawns, living walls, and moss features that not only “green” our world but promote “green” approaches to living in harmony with nature.

Like many struggling entrepreneurs, we have good ideas but we need funding to make them happen. We are pursuing all types of traditional options including building a satisfied clientele and seeking grants. Mossin’ Annie has continued to believe in this mossy venture despite the hardships of starting a new business in a recession. At this point, our reality includes lots of  “green” mosses and “green” advocacy efforts but we need “green” dollars to move forward.

We are seeking the support of moss lovers to continue on our journey

toward a “greener” future.

If you are a moss lover who has enjoyed this site and wants to support the research and educational outreach of Mountain Moss Enterprises, please consider a donation to our projects as a token of your appreciation. If you are an environmentalist that values green approaches, we welcome your support for our efforts in water conservation, reducing carbon footprint, eliminating groundwater contamination, collecting rainwater, and in general, promoting eco-friendly horticultural practices. If you are an angel, we are so glad you found us. Whether you give a little or a lot, we will gratefully appreciate your contribution. We will personally acknowledge receipt of all donations and recognize contributors on this Web site. If desired, your name will be added to our email list to keep you informed of progress in our research and development activities.

Thank you for becoming a “green” dreambuilder

as we continue down our mossy path.

Go Green With Moss!


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