From The Transylvania Times to The New York Times, Mountain Moss has been in the news lately. And, that’s not all… our moss business was featured in Modern Farmer, too. After years of hard work in all my mossin’ endeavors, this media coverage has been exciting. While it might seem that national media would rank over local news, I have to admit that the support and interest of The Transylvania Times, our bi-weekly newspaper in Brevard fondly called the T-Times, means the most to me. It has taken a village to help me grow my business and follow my dreams. It has been the encouragement of my friends, supporters and business advisors in my community, which has kept me going… continuing to move forward to achieve goals and mossy dreams. Check out Mossin’ Annie’s new YouTube channel for moss gardening tips. Become part of Mossin’ Annie’s internation moss village on Facebook group, Go Green With Moss. Follow @MossinAnnie on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linked-In.
mossleafMossin’ Annie’s first Webinar, December 8, 2014
Ecological Landscape Alliance

mossleafThe New York Times. “Gathering Moss” written by Michael Tortorello, photos by John MacLean, April 3, 2014
Gathering Moss

mossleafEcological Landscape Alliance Blog/Newsletter. “Making Magic with Mosses,” article and photos by Annie Martin, June 20, 2014
Making Magic with Mosses

mossleafModern Farmer, “Beautiful Bryophytes: A Q & A with Moss Queen Annie Martin” written by Christopher Surprenant, photos by Annie Martin, April 22, 2014
Beautiful Bryophytes: A Q&A with Moss Queen Annie Martin

mossleafThe Transylvania Times, Lawn and Garden Time Supplement, Front Cover photo, “Mossin’ Annie Teaches How Landscaping with Moss is Environmentally Friendly,” written by Allison Taylor, photo by Annie Martin, March 27, 2014.

mossleafOur State (NC’s official magazine), “Mountain Moss in Brevard,” written by Heidi Williams and photos by Steven McBride, July 2013.
Mountain Moss in Brevard

mossleafWNC Green Building Directory – 2013, “Going Green With Eco-friendly Mosses,” article and photos by Annie Martin.

mossleafCarolina Country, “A Colorful Roof for All Seasons,” October 2012.
A Colorful Roof for All Seasons

mossleafWNC Magazine, “A Lush Life,” written by Gary Carter, photos by Patrick Cavan Brown, June 2011.
A Lush Life

mossleafThe Bryological Times, “Moss Gardening,” International Association of Bryologists publication, article and photos by Annie Martin, Summer Issue 2010.

mossleafCarolina Country Magazine, “Go Green With Moss,” article and photos by Annie Martin, August 2010.  
Go Green with Moss

mossleafThe Laurel of Asheville Magazine, “Mossin’ Annie,” written by Tina Wolfe, photos by Tina Wolfe, August 2010.
Mossin Annie

mossleafAsheville Citizen-Times, “Handmade Brings Home Artists,” written by Paul Clark and photos by Erin Brethauer. Photo of Mossin’ Annie on Front Page! June 25, 2010.

mossleafCarolina Home and Garden Magazine, “Like a Rolling Stone,” written by Melanie Bianchi and photos by Jeff Miller, Spring Issue 2010.
Like a Rolling Stone

mossleafMountain Xpress, various stories and calendar listings, Spring-Summer 2010

mossleafHendersonville Times-News, “Farmers Receive $225,000 in Grants,”  Hendersonville, NC, Article by James Shea, March 9, 2010.
Farmers Receive 225,000 in Grants

mossleafTransylvania Times, “Native Mosses Could Be Alternative Cash Crop,” Brevard, NC, article by Annie Martin, February 15, 2010

mossleafThe Plain Dealer Newspaper, “All about moss, the velvety, green plant that some gardeners love and others hate,” Cleveland, Ohio, written by Roxanne Washington, photos by Annie Martin, April 8, 2009.

mossleafCarolina Home and Garden Magazine, “Small Miracles,” written by Kate Reynolds and photos by Rimas Zailskas. Holiday issue 2008.
Small Miracles

mossleafNew Life Journal, “Digging In: Go Green With Moss – Parts One and Two,” article and photos by Annie Martin, October and November 2008.
Digging In: Go Green with Moss Part 1
Digging In: Go Green with Moss Part 2

mossleafHendersonville Times and Times-News Weekly, “Moss Appeal,” written by Claudia Lampley, photo by Robert Stoutamire. September 29 and October 8, 2008.
Moss Appeal

mossleafThe Transylvania Times, “Unlike Rolling Stone, Annie Martin Gathers Moss,”  written by Lenora Moody, photo by Lenora Moody, May 29, 2008.

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