If you’re interested in purchasing specialty moss products, arranging for consultation services or the installation of innovative moss landscapes, or if you want to schedule an event, please contact Mossin’ Annie.

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Mountain Moss Enterprises
40 Holly Ridge Road
Pisgah Forest, NC, USA 28768


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    Rosalie Morris

    Hi Annie, Your article in the paper today was great.! Sunday August 30,2015
    I have ordered 5 books ( gifts for special friends)
    And YOU look great in the photos!
    Best wishes in your “mossing adventures” !

  2. 2

    Dear Annie,

    I hold you will say YES to being a speaker at our upcoming Garden Talk Salon this summer 2015 in Cashiers, NC ( not such a far cry from you!). You are such an expert in the field of mosses…I am just an appreciative landscape architect.

    I have several clients who need your lovely moss mats! xx mp You are doing excellent work…may I come visit?

    Please contact me so we can set a date for 2015! Would love to do a book signing! xx Mary Palmer Dargan 404-354-1715

  3. 3

    Hi there, unlikely but do you post to the uk? Many thanks

  4. 4

    Annie, you told me about a fertilizer for moss last year but I’ve lost the name of it. This winter has really done a number on my moss and I want to try to encourage it’s spreading. Any help?

  5. 5
    Russell Davis

    Beautiful web site.
    I’m looking for a source of live herb medicine moss (nootropic). In the Huperziaceae family I believe.
    I live in Candler, near Asheville.

    Thanks, for your reply.

  6. 6
    Whitney Houchin

    Hi! I’m wanting to make a moss bath matt, Ive read that I can make it myself using a sheet of plastazote to grow them on. I was told sphagnum would grow well, is this true? Any advice?

  7. 7
    Abraham Valencia

    Do you ship to Canada?

  8. 8

    Good Morning Eileen,
    We specialize in LIVE mosses for sustainable landscapes. We do not sell our LIVE mosses wholesale for floral or craft purposes. We DO NOT sell “SHEET moss” or “MOOD moss” for typical uses of florists or crafters. Mountain Moss has unique live moss species that have never been offered to the general market at our Mossery. Creative gardeners and landscapers now have a selection of moss species that provide a full range of textures and shapes for incorporating mosses into outstanding landscape designs! For landscapers or homeowners that want to purchase in quantity, we do offer discount options.
    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  9. 9

    Hey Ashley,
    So sorry to take so long to respond to your question about your student project featuring mosses. Mountain Moss has provided mosses as well as advice to students working on various science or art projects. We’ve even supplied Atrichum angustatum spore capsules to a researcher studying DNA strains of this moss species from around the world. We support the scientific study of mosses. When used for artistic endeavors, we only supply mosses if the intention is to keep them ALIVE. Please contact me directly: mossinannie@gmail.com with your specific questions.
    Thanks for contacting us. Sorry about the delay in providing info.
    Mossin’ Annie

  10. 10

    Do you sell wholesale?

  11. 11
    Ashley Mott


    I am starting an art project for my senior thesis. I was wanting to grow a bed of moss as a part of my installation. There are no nurseries around my area that provide moss, let alone any type of variety. I am very interested in purchasing some moss from Mountain Moss, but I have a few questions first as far as what mosses would be best as well as the growth process and care for moss.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks so much,

  12. 12

    Hey Terry
    Thanks for contacting Mountain Moss. We specialize in true bryophytes (mosses). Scotch moss and Irish moss are NOT REAL MOSSES. They are vascular plants that come in pots and have roots and flowers. No true moss will have these botanical characteristics. These FAKERS do not grow in the same manner and don’t provide the exceptional beauty of mosses in sporophytic stages or winter green expanses. Mosses thrive in cold temperatures. Beware of using Irish or Scotch “Moss.” You’d need to use a lot of small pots of these moss imposters to achieve any significant coverage and then you still would not realize the benefits of real mosses.

    Good to actually talk to you this morning about mosses. Please determine your needs and the species you prefer and send back an email. I’ll prepare an invoice and get your approval and confirmation via email. Then, I’ll issue a special PayPal invoice for credit card payment. I’ll make arrangements for a special delivery to the Charlotte area which will significantly reduce your shipping costs.

    I recommend these bryophyte species:

    maybe Leucobryum and Dicranum as options, too! just a bit more challenging in terms of sustainability.

    WATER and WALK on your mosses to ensure success!

    We look forward to receiving your order. Thank you for considering Mountain Moss.
    Mossin’ Annie

  13. 13
    Terry Palmieri

    I would like a moss lawn for my property on the lake. Please call if possible 908.303.3410

    I would like to purchase scottish moss for under my trees. I have a gardens and require about 30 feet of moss near the water front.
    Do I have too prepare the current soil before I plant this year. The ground in t his area is clay, but under the the acorn trees area many years of leaves that have built up – almost soft ground if you walk on this ground.
    I am always spraying weed control to stop additional trees etc from growing for the view of the lake.

  14. 14

    Hey Jan,
    THANKS for featuring Mountain Moss on your Facebook page. Please join my FB group… Go Green With Moss! I frequently post photos and comments there and welcome others to join in mossy discussions.
    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  15. 15

    Hello! I just featured you on my Facebook page ‘Serenity in the Garden’ ..I linked to this site…Please check it out on Facebook. :-)

  16. 16

    Hey Stephen,
    YES. I provide personal site consultations… a good step to determine the microclimate conditions, appropriate bryophyte types and target locations for moss features. You’ve got the right idea. The site assessment is like having a private lesson on mosses. Afterward you can decide if you want to proceed on your own with mosses from my Mossery or if you’d like Mountain Moss to create an instant delight with a turnkey installation. It would be my pleasure to help you move down a mossy path.

    Mosses are amazing plants and can even be started in the dead of winter. I installed an additional 650 sq ft at my demonstration garden two years ago between Thanksgiving and New Year’s on top of the driveway/pavement. It is still looking great!

    Asheville is my hometown. I grew up on Horizon Hill with a view of Town Mtn and Sunset Mtn from our house. Thanks for considering this option. When you are ready, I’ll send more details and costs for the site evaluation. Feel free to contact me via email: mossinannie@gmail.com or call me to schedule your consultation — 828-577-1321.

    Happy Holidays.
    Mossin’ Annie

  17. 17

    I heard about you on a hike with some friends and want to talk after the new year. I live on Town Mountain and have a garden that is only a year old and a space that might be great as a moss garden. There’s a large retaining wall from a tree that has died and I think that something beautiful and creative could be designed there.

    Do you consult? I’d like to talk.



  18. 18
    Paul Jaques

    Annie, I want to congratulate on your success. You should be proud of your achievements and have demonstated incredible tanacity, professionalism and persistence building your business.

    I applauud your efforts and success.


  19. 19

    Ms. Annie!

    I just talked to Flint and he sent me a link to your website and it is AWESOME!!!!! I don’t know if you remember me, but I helped him and Mike pack all their shenanegans up last summer when they were moving = ) You’re by FAR the coolest chick (and mom) around. Love the site, love the gardens. You pretty much rock at life

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