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Mountain Moss Enterprises and Mossin’ Annie

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, USA, Mountain Moss Enterprises provides innovative landscaping alternatives using mosses. Dedicated to promoting the awareness and appreciation of moss, Mountain Moss is determined:

  • To design and create public and private gardens utilizing moss as the key feature in sustainable landscapes.
  • To provide quality moss products by rescuing and cultivating appropriate bryophytes for a full range of landscape applications.
  • To advocate the advantages of mosses through educational outreach and media exposure.

Mossin’ Annie has been fascinated with moss since childhood. Over the years, she has created many terraria and dish gardens for family and friends. In 2000, she started her own moss garden at her home in Pisgah Forest, NC in the “Land of Waterfalls.” Her obsession with mosses reached new horizons in 2008 when Annie Martin started her own mossin’ business – Mountain Moss Enterprises. Her moss passion has now become her profession. She is personally committed to rescuing mosses from destruction, creating moss gardens, conducting research on moss cultivation, and encouraging others to embrace the joys of mosses! With an intuitive blend of artistic approaches and effective horticultural methods…

Mossin’ Annie makes magic with mosses!

A native of Asheville, North Carolina, Annie Martin has enjoyed an interesting career in media production, photography, graphic design and print publication. Her media career path has included positions with the Blue Ridge Parkway, WLOS-TV (ABC affiliate), Emory University and Brevard College. She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (B.A., 1976) as an undergraduate and she obtained her masters degree in media production from Appalachian State University (M.A., 1982) in Boone, NC. Recent continuing education has been focused on attaining knowledge about bryophytes, horticultural methods and business entrepreneurship including courses at Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock, NC; workshops at the Highlands Biological Station, Highlands, NC; and numerous seminars sponsored by NC Department of Agriculture and Blue Ridge Innovation Network.

For many years, her avocation has been the study of bryophytes (mosses). She continues to expand her knowledge in the field of bryology with her practical moss gardening experience, field observations and systematic study of mosses.  Annie is a member of the American Bryological and Lichenological Society, International Association of Brylogists, American Horticultural Society, NC Nursery and Landscapers Association, NC Native Plant Society and other professional/community organizations including the Transylvania Women’s Business Exchange and the Transylvania Master Gardener Volunteers. Mountain Moss Enterprises is certified by the State of North Carolina as a nursery (License/Certification #6440) and possesses a Collected Plant License for legitimate harvesting of native mosses (License/Certification #5291).

Mountain Moss Enterprises is actively involved in community activities and promoting green approaches to life.  Mossin’ Annie supports her community by providing moss-as-art creations for fundraising efforts of regional organizations including the Transylvania Community Arts Council, Brevard Music Center, Transylvania Volunteers in Medicine, American Red Cross, and the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. We practice the concept… Pay it forward.

HIGHLIGHTS of Accomplishments

Creation of First Moss Garden at Major Academic Institution in America

Furman University, David E. Shi Center for Sustainability

Greenville, SC, July 2010

Silvermont Moss Circle

Community moss rescue culminating in educational demonstration moss garden

Transylvania County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers

Brevard, NC, Summer 2010

HandMade: The Western North Carolina Craft, Architecture and Design Expo

“The Green Carpet: Bringing Spirit into the Landscape.”

The North Carolina Arboretum

Asheville, NC, June 2010

Meandering Through Moss: 2010 Kenilworth Moss Garden Tour

at home of John Cram and Matt Chambers.

Co-sponsored by Mountain Moss and NC Native Plant Society

Asheville, NC, May 2010

WNC Agricultural Options Grant

Mountain Moss Nursery: Green Alternatives for WNC Farmers

Pisgah Forest, NC, February 2010

National Botany and Mycology Conference

Session speaker on moss gardening

Recipient of ABLS travel scholarship

Snowbird, Utah, July 2009

Best of Show, NC Mountain State Fair

MGV Flower/Plant Competition

Asheville, NC, Sept 2008

11 Responses to “About Us”

  1. 1
    Marian Batson

    Our garden club is interested in having a speaker on cultivating moss in the garden. I have been trying to find a speaker with not much success. Perhaps you are aware of someone in the Virginia area. Our club is located in Culpeper, VA, about 50 miles north of Charlottesville, just about central in the state.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Marian Batson
    Rixeyville, VA
    540 937 2318

  2. 2

    Hey Marian,
    Mountain Moss offers educational outreach programs to garden clubs and environmental enthusiasts that can be targeted for a variety of ages and interests. Through lectures, workshops and hikes, we promote the advantages of mosses in landscapes. Topics include: Bryophyte identification and botanical characteristics; environmental implications and solutions; moss gardening methods and more. Each program includes outstanding photography and pertinent information presented with a PowerPoint presentation. An exhibit of bryophyte specimens and moss-as-art creations enhances the hands-on experience and opportunity to take a closer look. In addition, workshops complement the program and give participants the chance to take home their own moss dish garden or live herbarium. As a moss gardening expert, I wish to share the joys and eco-friendly aspects of mosses with others. Costs associated with Go Green With Moss programs include: lecture honorarium; workshop supplies fees; and associated travel expenses.

    Mountain Moss is located in western North Carolina but we are willing to travel to other regional locations. Feedback from participants reflect their satisfaction and frequently I’ve been told it was their “best program of the year.” Fun and informative, Go Green With Moss programs have helped start thousands of folks start their moss journey in life.

    My daddy was from Romney, WVA and Culpeper echoes in my childhood memories. It would be my pleasure to speak to your garden club. Moss programs can be scheduled in winter months since mosses are thriving when other plants are dormant. Please contact me directly to schedule and confirm your desired date: mossinannie@gmail.com.

    We appreciate your interest. Thanks for contacting Mountain Moss.
    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annie

  3. 3
    Maria McCune

    New to the area. Do you know of any garden tours or moss hikes that I can plan ahead for in 2012?
    Thank you.

  4. 4

    Thank you for your notice on the ASLA LinkedIn. I have indeed been looking for mosses for sites I was designing in the past and was unable to find any available. Will keep your site in mind.

  5. 5
    Dan Watt

    I am visiting in Black Mountain. Is your place nearby and open to visitors? I would like to see the various moss varieties for the uses I have at my home. (256-221-5490)

  6. 6

    Hey Dan,
    Sorry for the delayed response. I just found your question about my Mossery. You’ve probably left the mountains by now. While my Mossery is not open to the public, occasionally I’ll have an open house or for serious buyers, I’ll make a special appointment. Contact me prior to your next visit and we’ll make a plan: mossinannie@@gmail.com or 828-577-1321. Thanks for considering doing business with Mountain Moss. Mossin’ Annie

  7. 7

    Hey Alison,
    Please contact Mountain Moss as you plan future designs. Our Mossery has an exclusive selection of mosses that offer a range of textures and shades of green. We can provide advice on the best bryophytes for the project and provide guidelines for a successful design and installation. The earlier we are involved, the better chance to troubleshoot and avoid any issues. Also, planning in advance provides the option of pre-vegetated mats custom-cultivated to suit project needs — providing ease of installation with instant green gratification… no waiting for mosses to grow in. They will arrive with 100% full coverage. As your moss consultant or landscape subcontractor, Mountain Moss can provide valuable expertise by supervising the installation and monitoring the project over time to ensure long-term success. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of unique moss landscapes with you. Go Green With Moss! Mossin’ Annie

  8. 8
    Gea Skeens

    Dear Annie,
    Wow, this is a wonderful find. Just this year, probably due to all of the rain, I discovered that there was lots of moss in my yard. I too have always loved moss, all kinds, and from childhood have delighted in the moss that I discoverd in the forests. I have been pulling the weeds and grass out of my moss and actually have about an 8 x 8 foot patch of just moss. I try to be very careful , but pulling up the grasses and such seems to damage the moss sometimes. There is much more to pull and it has become part of my spiritual practice, so after I do my yoga preactice, I go tend to the moss. I would like to purchase some additional moss and would appreciate any quidance that you may offer. For the most part, I am so delighted to learn that there is a Moss Lady.
    Blessing of peace and joy to you, and to those you love, and to those they love.

  9. 9

    From one Moss Lady to Another —
    Hey Gea,
    It’s so good to hear from a fellow moss lover. I know you are excited to nurture your existing mosses during this wet summer into your own moss garden. Look around your perimeter areas for more mosses to add into your feature. Weeding doesn’t have to be a chore. It is an honor in Japan to weed the grand moss gardens. I actually enjoy the intimacy and connection to the intricate world of mosses while weeding. Being quiet in your moss garden, tending to this chore can actually fuel your spirit. However, it is meticulous to pick out some of tiny weeds that you never even knew existed. First, I don’t wear gloves. I need to be able to feel the weed’s minute roots and distinguish between rhizoids of mosses. Second, I weed while the ground is wet so they’ll pull out easier. I use one hand with fingers in a “V” around the weed while the other hand wriggles and nudges out the weed. I’ve even become ambidextrous. I sit directly on the mosses rather than kneeling since my knees are knobby. I reach in all directions for my circle perimeter before I move to a new location. I stretch my body this way and that — even in a prone position to reach further. If mosses are thriving and colonies have achieved loft, you can “stretch” sideways growing mosses (pleurocarps) back into any vacant hole caused by removing the weed. If any moss is attached to the weed root, I gently slide it off to save for use in fragmentation planting. If weeds are big with lots of roots, use force but still be gentle trying to pull out all portions of weeds. If it’s clover, make sure to get out all of the hidden horizontal connecting roots.

    Without knowing your sun exposure or the effect you wish to achieve, I’ll just recommend my favorite moss — Climacium — which can grow in shade or sun. The colonies look like miniature forests of trees. The have an impressive stature of 2.5 inches tall with a top leaf arrangement about the size of a silver dollar when mature. The larger presence of the individual moss plants is enhanced by the range of colors throughout different growth or reproductive phases.

    New growth will be intense, brilliant green; normal mid-growth stage exhibits a spectrum of medium green and olive green; old growth is dull brown (while dead-looking, these plants will have evidence of new green growth appear within several weeks); and if growing in direct sun (and getting plenty of moisture), Climacium can be a solar yellow. What’s really cool is that these color phases and growth stages can be happening all at the same time in the same colony AND of course, the fact that this appeal continues through all the seasons, even in the winter. When in sporophytic stage, the spore structures grow in a group from the tip-top of the moss plant itself with hombre colors of brilliant red, green, gold and bronze.

    Climacium solves issues of erosion, stormwater run-off and water pooling. It has sideways rhizoids that hold into the soil very effectively with upright growth able to stand above rushing water. When planting, as always, WATER and WALK on your mosses to help them get established. With Climacium, you’ll add another step, FLUFFING moss plants with your hands in a light, shifting motion.

    Please place your order for Climacium through our online Moss Shop. We have a considerable amount growing at our Mossery in the mountains of WNC. It is an exceptional moss that I feel sure you would enjoy.

    Go Green With Moss!
    Mossin’ Annnie

  10. 10

    To ALL our moss followers — If you’d like to learn more about Mountain Moss, check out this article published in July 2013 issue of Our State magazine (North Carolina): http:/www.ourstate.com/mountain-moss-in-brevard/
    Mossin’ Annie

  11. 11
    Tony Payne

    Read your articleinOur State magazine. I’m a bonsai person and usemoses on top of the bonsai soil. I’m interested inalow growing, very green moss that con survive in sunlight all day. I do irrigate the plants twice a day in the spring, summwe and fall. The plants are buried in the ground soil in ther winter with the soil covering the roots of the plants. I have found that the mosses I have do survive the winter burial and look great during the lother seasons. I too have a masters degree from ASU in biology. pleaase send me information on lyour offerings and prices. Thanks Tony Payne Roanoke Va at 3442 West Ridge Road 24014.

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