Timber to publish new moss gardening book

Mountain Moss is pleased and proud to announce that Timber Press, the world’s largest publisher of gardening books, will be publishing my moss gardening book.

Needless to say, I am quite honored and excited to partner with this respected publisher. To share my passion and expertise with others has been a personal and professional goal. My book will answer key questions about “how-to” become a successful moss gardener. This 250 pp book will be loaded with pertinent info and enhanced by at least 200 impressive photographs. I hope my casual writing style will appeal to a wide audience (but I’ll still be using some scientific terms for accuracy and clarification). Of course, lots of work lies ahead. Writing and print production will take well over a year. The editor has told me that the title will change several times before printing. So, expect my moss gardening book (by whatever title) to reach your local bookstore in 2015.

For those of you who know me personally, you’ll realize this is a giant leap in my moss journey. I’ve paid my dues by researching topics and systematically conducting field experiments related to effective cultivation methods with various bryophytes, substrates, maintenance requirements and recommended watering regimes. I’m ready to share techniques so others can experience the joys of moss gardening. It’s been a long trek but all my mossin’ activities feed my spirit. Thanks to all my friends and supporters who have encouraged me to follow my mossy dreams!

Go Green With Mosses!

Mossin’ Annie

PS Keep following our blog. We’ll be reaching out to other gardeners to share their own moss gardening experiences and publication-quality photographs for possible inclusion in my book.

6 Responses to “Timber to publish new moss gardening book”

  1. 1

    Annie, any chance of getting autographed copies?

  2. 2

    Hey GardenerBob,
    When my book is finally published in Summer 2015, autographed copies will be available for purchase through our Web site. Thanks for wanting to buy my moss gardening book. It will contain lots of valuable information for home moss gardeners and landscapers.
    Go Green With Mosses!
    Mossin’ Annie

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    Cathryn B Kinser

    It was a blessing to see you and Rachel at luncheon at the Red Stag. Have a good Holiday. Cathryn

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    Can’t wait for your book. I love moss in my natural yard/gardens on Cape Cod. Will you have another open house?

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